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Holy Spirit Catholic Church

February 25, 2018
Second Sunday of Lent
Mark 9, 2-10

Not one of knows what God will require of us. No one can predict what God will direct us to do. We cannot follow the person in front of us in line as if the same motions were required of each. All we can do is listen trust, and obey. The Church gives us the ancient story of Abraham and Isaac today, and the fantastic, imaginative story of the Transfiguration. Bother are stories of listening, trust, and obedience. Both stories lead us to mountain tops, wild and mysterious places of legend, clouds, and voices. Wind and shadows tempt the imagination as well as the hopes and hearts of those who go there. “God will provide” mumbles Abraham over and over. He discovered that the essence of obedience is not stopping. He kept going in obedience, holding back nothing becoming the model of what it means to give in response to God’s call.

Only after they had done the same, did the disciples remember not just the story of Abraham, but the experience of Jesus. Only after they had gone through their trial, the loss of their loved one, their own sense of hopelessness and feelings that God had abandoned them did they remember the mountain and preserve what had been revealed to them far too early to understand. Perhaps, not until we have suffered in love known the emptiness of blind trust and obedience, met and faced the loneliness of following Jesus will we understand what happens in the Eucharist. It is Hope that we proclaim here. Love that we restore here, and in the silence of our prayer we hear the voice of God and comfort one another with the assurance that God will Provide for those who have gone empty in service, in love, in trust, and in obedience.

Fr. Tom Boyer