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Holy Spirit Catholic Church

The Sixth Sunday of Easter – May 21, 2017

John 14, 15-21

Every age of the church has found its own way to experience and trust in the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. We have become so familiar with the scriptural stories of that presence with all their spectacular signs and wonders that we risk thinking these are the sure signs – and if they are not happening, and if we can’t do them we are alone and lack something that others had. But this kind of thinking is foolishness for it fails to read the signs, and it separates us from those who have gone before when in fact, the presence of the Spirit will always unite. The real signs of the Spirit are the same for us as well as for Peter, Luke, and those whose writings and stories inspire us still. For us and for them, there was and always will be that leap into the darkness of death as the beginning of everlasting promise. That is a sign of the Spirit. For us and for them, there was and always will be faithful prayer in silent darkness with the confidence that one is heard. That is a sign of the Spirit. The trusting of all our doubts and questions to the silent mystery of God’s love, the letting of oneself go unconditionally into love, and seeing this surrender as a sign of true victory – these are all signs of the Spirit. When we rehearse our deaths in everyday life and try to live in such a way as we would like to die, peaceful and composed, we live in the realm of the Spirit. These are convincing and power filled signs of God’s Spirit. Who needs curse and wonders of that sort? Medical science can give us that – only the Spirit can give us peace and forgiveness.

Fr. Tom Boyer